Freedom League: Rebirth

joining the freedom league

day one

I had found out through my resources of a crime scene so i decided to check it out this were i met the freedom league. as much as i hate to thank those with less intelligence. if it was not for them i would not have been let in. For they were more well know then me. Although without me they would have never found the one behind the crimes. but i am getting ahead of myself. the crime was some stole an devolution ray. but the gun did not have the power source. witch let us know were the next break in would be. fist we decided to to pay a visit to the usual suspect that fit this mo. it turned out it was not him. so then we went to were the next brake in was and fond robot raptures trying to steal power crystals we stopped them and then i traced radio waves back to were the leader was. he ended up getting enough power crystals to power is device to melt the ice caps to make this planet suitable for in species to live. after chasing him to the park we they fought more while i tried to get to the machine to stop it but nothing worked i was having an off day. it went into critical failure but we contained the explosion.



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