Drake Lacerta



C. 1,000,000 BC -Blackspine is born.

C. 999,900 BC -Blackspine sees the awesome power of the Serpent People’s magic.

C. 999,899 BC -A strange creature is seen walking through Lemuria seeking the knowledge of magic.

C. 100,000 BC -The Preservers arrive.

C. 50,000 BC -Blackspine witnesses the birth of humanity and the founding of Atlantis.

C. 10,000 BC -Blackspine Nod’s off while studying.

C. 9000 BC -He wakes up. Atlantis and the Serpent Empire are gone. Humanity has inherited the Earth.

4820 BC -Blackspine goes in search of the fallen Serpent Cities.

2181 BC -He travels to Egypt to research the Magic of the Gods.

1039 BC -Blackspine goes to India to learn Demonic Magic.

702 BC -The Gods of Greece catch Blackspine’s attention.

AD 100 -Tired of traveling he takes up residence in Rome.

AD 79 -The God Hades visits Blackspine and offers him something he has sought for millennia in exchange for him to turn a blind eye to his activity in a nearby city. Blackspine agrees. Vesuvius erupts the next day.

AD 299 -Blackspine travels to the Germanic Regions of Europe.

AD 532 -Blackspine speaks to the wizard Merlin. Upon discovery, King Arthur drives him from his castle, wounding him with Excalibur.

AD 923 -Blackspine is hunted by the knights of England for centuries.

Aprox. 1119 AD -The Knight’s Templar is founded. The knights hunting him increase in skill.

AD 1497 -The Rennaissance decreases humanity’s interest in the arcane.

AD 1632 -Blackspine leaves Europe for the new world.

AD 1776 -Thoroughly against taxation, Blackspine supports the Patriots during the Revolution.

Approx. 1800 AD – Technology becomes more and more prevalent, and gains the ire of Blackspine.

AD 1940 -Blackspine travels back to Germany due to the growing interest in the arcane.

AD 1945 -Blackspine is captured by the Allies of Freedom.

AD 1946 -Blackspine is released and returns to Freedom City.

AD 1993 -Blackspine’s home is destroyed during the Terminus Invasion.

AD 1994 -Several miles of collapsed Subway vanish mysteriously.

Drake Lacerta

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