Malador the Mystic

Power-Mad Lich and former Master Mage


Malador was born at the height of the Atlantean Empire thousands of years ago. He became a powerful sorcerer and eventually earned the title of Master Mage, the youngest to ever earn the title. However, he was also the first to betray the oaths of the title. Malador made pacts with dark beings in other realms, granting him immense power. He cared not for protecting Earth, he would have gladly sacrificed the entire planet if it meant he would gain strength. Fortunately, the other sorcerers of Atlantis sealed him away, but not before he cursed the empire with his dying breath.

Malador was released from his eternal prison in the 1930s, when archaeologist Adrian Eldrich accidentally broke the seals upon the lich’s tomb. Luckily, the spirits of previous Master Mages embued Adrian with the power needed to stop Malador. He has appeared now and again throughout the 20th century, always thirsty for power.

Malador’s golden mask was recently rediscovered by an avid collector, who put it on display in the Atlantis casino in Freedom City. The Freedom League, realizing it was dangerous, took the mask into their possession. That, however, did not stop Professor Brainwave from putting the mask on….

Malador the Mystic

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