Master Supervillain and leader of SHADOW


Overshadow is the moniker of the head of the organization SHADOW, forming the organization in the fifties from the remnants of the Nazi party. Overshadow is always seen in his stylized, caped power armor, which hides his true identity from any who encounter him. While there have been two incarnations of the Overshadow in SHADOW’s history, he is always seen as an extremely intelligent individual, possessing extensive knowledge of both cutting edge science and ancient arcane lore, making him one of the most dangerous supervillains on Earth.

According to common knowledge there have been two Overshadows in the past (British nobleman and Nazi sympathizer Sir Jonathan Darke and Heinrich Kantor, son of Nazi war criminal Wilhelm Kantor). Even with this knowledge, rumors about the head of SHADOW are constant. Some believe that he is an immortal, endlessly attempting to conquer the world since ancient times. Others believe him to be a demon, possessing the body of the world’s most wicked man only to find a new vessel if his current host is killed. Still others say he is merely a fabrication of SHADOW itself: a boogeyman used to scare SHADOW’s enemies into submission. While there are many who can swear by all these rumors, no one has ever tried proving them to be true (or at least no one has survived proving them….)

The last Overshadow, Heinrich Kantor, died in the year 1990 when he attempted to use the Tapestry of Fate to rewrite reality in his own twisted image. The only one unaffected by his powerful magic was Jack Simmons, the former superhero the Patriot and the then-director of AEGIS. The battle culminated when the two fought high above Freedom City aboard Kantor’s Battle Blimp. Jack was finally able to take away the Tapestry and throw Overshadow off the blimp, where he fell to his death thousands of feet below.

While SHADOW has remained active since that day, there has yet to be someone powerful or cruel enough to again take up the mantle of Overshadow (at least not to the public….)


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