Allies of Freedom

The Allies of Freedom were a team of superheroes who operated during World War 2. While the Liberty League operated in America, the Allies of Freedom fought in Europe with the Allied Forces against the Nazis. Their greatest enemy, of course, was Wilhelm Kantor, the head of the Thule Society and the Ubersoldaten program.

The Allies of Freedom consisted of:

The Human Tank- A man with metal skin and super strength. Died in Japan when the first Crimson Katana killed him in his sleep.

Gunner- Human Tank’s little brother and youngest member of the Allies. Had the ability to absorb metal and project sprays of metal projectiles. Killed in Japan by the Crimson Katana.

Lady Celtic- Powerful English sorceress and wife of The Human Tank. Killed in the Allies’ final mission by Nacht-Krieger.

La Renard Rogue- a masked French woman and the only Ally of Freedom without superpowers. Killed in the Allies final mission by Wilhelm Kantor.

Sergeant Shrapnel- a career soldier with the ability to cause machines to malfunction and fall apart. Killed in the Allies final mission by Wilhelm Kantor.

Spitfire Jones- A member of the Royal Air Force gifted with super strength and the ability to fly. Killed in the Allies final mission by Nacht-Krieger.

White Rose- One of the two Light-Bearers (weilders of a mystic force of good) during World War 2. Sacrificed herself to mystically imprison Nacht-Krieger.

White Thorn- White Rose’s twin brother and one of the two Light Bearers in World War 2. Was sealed in the mystic prison of White Thorn’s creation. Freed in the sixties, he sacrificed himself to seal away Nacht-Krieger again, giving his remaining power to the second Light Bearer, Beacon.

Allies of Freedom

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