Crime League

The Crime League is a threadbare team first formed in the fourties to directly combat the Liberty League. Originally started by the Emperor of Crime Augustus Roman, the Crime League was (and still is) less of a team and more of a collection of solo villains who occasionally band together in the name of crime.

The Crime League has gone through more incarnations in it’s time than the Freedom League. The most recent League was formed by the villains Dr. Stratos and Dr. Simian. While they were a persistent threat to the Freedom League (both as a team and on their own), none of them have tried anything that would put them on a global threat level (with the likes of SHADOW or Omega).

The Crime League was disbanded after their last scheme about a year and a half ago, where Dr. Simian planned to steal the powers of the cosmic imp Quirk and create a Freedom City where super criminals reigned supreme. The Freedom League obviously stopped them, and the Crime League has yet to come together in any form since.

The current incarnation (and their whereabouts) are as follows:

Blackstar- Incarcerated by the Star Knights

Devil Ray- Whereabouts Unknown

Dr. Simian- Incarcerated in Blackstone Prison

Dr. Stratos- Incarcerated in Blackstone Prison

Hiroshima Shadow- Incarcerated (Location classified by AEGIS)

The Maestro- Reformed

Medea- Incarcerated (Location classified by AEGIS)

Orion the Hunter- Whereabouts Unknown

Wildcard- Whereabouts Unknown

Crime League

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