Freedom League


The Freedom League is arguably the most well known superhero team in the world. The League was originally formed in 1960 after the invasion of the armies of Hades in Freedom City, an attempt by the heroes to be ready in case such a devastating evil ever attacked Earth again. Since then, the Freedom League has gone through numerous roster changes, including such heroes as the Centurion, Daedalus, the Raven, the Scarab, Bowman and many more.

The League was disbanded in 1981 after the tragic death of Tectonic and Halogen at the hands of the Crimson Katana. The team went their separate ways until after the events of the Terminus Invasion in 1993. The Freedom League reformed and began operating on a global scale, and has been protecting Freedom City and the world ever since.

Previous Members

Galatea (Deceased, sacrificed herself to stop the Foundry)

Halogen (Deceased, killed by the Crimson Katana and his Katanarchists)

Lady Liberty (Second Incarnation, retired)

Mary Minstrel (Deceased, sacrificed herself to stop the Foundry)

The Raven (First Incarnation, retired)

The Scarab (Deceased, died freeing his teammates from the control of the Scions of Sobek)

Brainstorm (Posthumously made a member after he helped the Scarab free the rest of the League from the Scions of Sobek)

Sea-King (Retired, currently rules Atlantis)

Tectonic (Deceased, killed by the Crimson Katana and his Katanarchists)

Black Avenger (Left the team due to leadership differences)

Centurion (Deceased, sacrificed himself to stop the Terminus Invasion)

Bowman (Second Incarnation, left the team due to his alcoholism)

Current Members


Dr. Metropolis

Lady Liberty (Third Incarnation)

Bowman (Third Incarnation)

Captain Thunder


Star Knight


The Raven (Second Incarnation)

Johnny Rocket

Freedom League

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