Crimson Katana

Ninja Legacy Villain


The Crimson Katana was originally Asano Ranaga, the personal bodyguard and assassin of the Emperor of Japan during World War 2 and an enemy of the Allies of Freedom. A skilled warrior, the Crimson Katana also own the deadly Three-Flames Katana, a sword forged in the fires from the bodies of 300 Chinese prisoners and tempered in their blood. After the War, he fled Japan with numerous mystic artifacts, but not before killing the Human Tank and Gunner.

The Crimson Katana eventually died, passing the title onto his son Toshiro. The Second Crimson Katana formed the Katanarchists in the seventies and killed Halogen and Tectonic: two members of the Freedom League in the late seventies. In the mid-nineties, the second Crimson Katana was found dead, seemingly having committed seppuku with a newly forged blade.

Recently, someone has appeared in Freedom City dressed as the Crimson Katana. Whether this mysterious ninja is the supposedly dead Toshiro or another person taking up the mantle is yet to be known.

Crimson Katana

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